What files need to be legally deposited? A quick guide.

The Legal Deposit Act for Electronic Material covers text documents, photos, films and sounds that are published on www.umu.se. In general, the law covers:

  • files with content aimed at the general public. Therefore, it does not cover files with content aimed at staff or students.
  • files with content that is no longer modified.

If you are at all uncertain about whether your file falls under the act, please submit the file.

Examples of files to submit for filing

  • Dissertations and scientific articles.
  • Course syllabus, programme syllabus, programme information, e.g. the prospectus and educational films aimed at potential students.
  • Annual reports, information documents, etc. aimed externally.
  • The university's own reports, investigations, directions and instructions.
  • Journals and magazines.

Examples of files not to submit for filing

  • Internal instructions, directions and other working documents aimed at students or researchers.
  • Material that needs to be updated or is continuous.
  • Transfers via the intranet Aurora or platforms such as Cambro.
  • Downloadable forms.
  • Parts of administration processes such as documents, judgements and statements.
  • Job advertisements.
  • PowerPoint presentations or equivalent.
  • Other authorities' publications.
  • Statistics from other authorities.
  • Databases.


If you are uncertain about whether your file falls under the act and need advice, please contact:

Erik Thorsten


Communications office