Business travel

Each member of staff has a responsibility to plan and conduct business travel as efficiently, economically, safe and environmentally friendly as possible. This page contains information on how to make travel bookings and rules to be aware of.

Rules for business travels

As an employee, you are responsible to plan your business travels in accordance with the Rules for business travels at UmU and the University's Environmental Policy.

The rules for business travels regulate subject areas such as:

  • Planning and obtaining permission
  • Booking
  • Invoicing, payment and expenses
  • Choosing means of travel
  • Vacation combined with business travel

Environmental aspects

The University travel policy emphasises that environmental aspects should be taken into account when choosing means of transportation, and that public transportation is often the best alternative both from a safety and environmental aspect.

In some cases, a digital or online meeting may be a sufficient substitute for a physical meeting involving travels. Read more about virtual meetings under Related information.

Travel booking

As of September 7, the university has a new procured travel agency, BIG Travel, which is to be used for travel and hotel bookings. The travel agency assists with personal service via email and telephone for both domestic and international travel.

The travel agency assists with, among other things:

  • Travel Reservations by plane, train, bus, boat
  • Connection trips e.g. airbus, air taxi
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car rental services
  • Reservation of group travel
  • Annual Pass
  • Visa processing

More information about booking a trip through the travel agency can be found here.

Got questions about your travels?

If you have questions regarding reimbursements of travel expenses, please contact Torbjörn Carlsson.

If you have questions regarding our framework agreement contact Public Procurement and Purchase.

cancellation insurance

Umeå university has a cancellation insurance when a trip is cancelled because of sudden illness, an accident or death. The cost of the travel must exceed SEK 1,000 for the cancellation insurance to come into effect.

Form for application to the cancellation insurance (in Swedish)

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