Business travel

Each member of staff has a responsibility to plan and conduct business travel as efficiently, economically, safe and environmentally friendly as possible. This page contains information on how to make travel bookings and rules to be aware of.

Book business travel

You can book your business trip via the travel agency's online portal, email or by telephone. Read more about how to book your trip.

Book train

Train journeys within Sweden can be booked in SJ's widget. You need to be logged in to Aurora to access the booking form.

Book taxi

Do you need a taxi from address to address that is not connected to flights or trains? You can get help from our supplier Flygtaxi AB. Connection taxi is booked via the travel agency.

Book rental car

If you're planning to go by car on a business trip you should booka a rental car.

International business travel

Tips and measure to increase your safety and security in connection with business travel.

Environmental aspects of travelling

Umeå University's environmental policy applies from 1 January 2020. The University wants to contribute to achieving the global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030.

When it comes to travel, the starting point is that

  • choose travel-free meetings if it is possible
  • choose public transport as your first choice of transport
  • travel in the safest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way possible.

You are insured during your business trip

Employees at the university and people that work on behalf of the university are covered by the state's business travel insurance that applies to all business trips that you make on behalf of the authority in Sweden and abroad.

More about business travel insurance (Swedish only)

Rules for business travels

The rules for business travels describes what you need to think about when planning and booking a business trip. For example, a bus or train is preferable for travel under 50 km, why a rental car is better than your own car, and what applies when you collect personal bonuses for travel in the service.

Rules for business travels at UmU (in Swedish)

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