Doctoral thesis (dissertation)

There are many things to take into consideration when the time has come to print your doctoral thesis. Below we have tried to collect some of the most frequently asked questions about the design and printing process.

The personal conversation is the best guarantee for a good end result so please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions. In addition to the print we can also help you with the design of your cover.

Printing plan, preview print and deadline

Contact the printing office in plenty of time before your defense in order to get at printing plan for your thesis. A printing plan is made up of three sections:

Preview print

This is the date you hand in your PDF files for an initial preview print that you can usually collect the day after. Our suggestion is that you do this one week before your deadline in order to give you time to proof read and make corrections. If you have alterations you need only send us the files that have been altered. We will then prepare a new preview print or PDF-proof for you to look at. New files will always result in a new preview print or a PDF proof. The first preview print is always included but we charge a fee for every preview print after that.

If you live outside of Umeå we can send you the preview print via express mail.


Your inlay and your cover must be approved and ready for print at this point. Please note that it is the preview print/ PDF proof you have received from us that must be approved for print. The deadline is NOT the last point in time for you to send us corrections.


This is the date we will deliver your thesis. For us to be able to guarantee delivery at this date it is important that the printing plan is followed.

Price estimate

If you would like an idea about the printing cost you can ask for a price estimate. At a minimum we need to know how many copies you would like to order, the total number of pages and the number of pages that should be printed in color. The remaining variables (type of paper, opponent copies, etc.) we can use default values. The cost will in the end always be what was actually printed and not the price estimate.

Proof reading

Proof reading is your responsibility so please check everything thoroughly. We have no possibility to discover or correct any errors, however large they may be.

Tips for the cover

• Check everything, including the text on the spine
• Read everything backwards, word for word
• Let someone else proof read
• Check all dates
• Check ISBN and ISSN

Tips for the inlay

• Check pagination
• Check page breaks and text flow
• Check that figures, tables and images are placed correctly
• Check image quality
• Check ISBN and ISSN


Before your public defense, you must make your thesis publicly available through a process called posting (spikning, nailing). Doctoral theses must be posted at least three weeks before the public defense. You book your posting date with the university library.

For every thesis sent out for your defense, a posting leaflet (nailing leaflet) should be attached. Templates for the posting leaflet (spikblad) can be downloaded under Templates with logo.

Information about posting at UB


All theses must have an ISBN and the number should be stated in your thesis. You should request your ISBN from the university library in good time before your thesis is to be printed.

ISSN are handled by the faculty or department publishing the series. Contact the administrator at the publishing faculty/department to get the ISSN and serial number.

Order ISBN

Legal deposit

We will take 7 copies from your edition as legal deposit and deliver them to the national libraries of Sweden.

Visual Identity

By following the visual identity in all university communications, the University as sender becomes clear to the recipient. This also applies to doctoral theses. At the same time the visual identity should provide space for creativity. The image selection is therefore free and does not need to comply to the imagery of the rest of the university.

Read more about the visual identity at Aurora

Cover design and layout

This information describes what help you can get in completing or designing the cover of your doctoral thesis. We have two offers: assembling the cover or layout of cover.

Please let Tryckservice know if you are interested in any of these offers and we will mediate the contact with a designer.

Assembling the cover

This option means that you use the university's cover template and create your own design with picture, typography and sender on both front and back cover. When you are satisfied, you send your cover as a PDF to Tryckservice who will adapt the width of the spine to the final number of pages of your thesis, add the title to the spine and then creates a high-resolution PDF and submits the file for print.

Layout of cover

Inhousebyrån layouts the cover according to Umeå University's visual identity and provides a couple of suggestions to choose between. We suggest alternatives for typography for the title, set a high-resolution logo and adjust the width of the spine based upon the final number of pages of your thesis. When you have approved your cover, Inhousebyrån creates a high-resolution PDF for print and submits the file to Tryckservice for print.

For this option you need to provide the title of the thesis, ISBN (print), ISBN (pdf), ISSN and serial number (if your thesis is included in a publication series).

Prior to layout
Layout of your cover is always based on your ideas and desires. It is always appreciated if you suggest a photo, image or illustration, and your desired style of the cover. If you wish, you can choose colour and font. Based on your wishes, Inhousebyrån will assess if your requirements can be included in the price quoted above.

Please note! If you are using a photo or image, it must be of sufficiently high quality for print (circa 300 dpi) and you must have the copyright. The file format can be jpeg, png, tif or eps. Inhousebyrån can assist you with checking the quality of the photo or image. If you have a paper photo, Inhousebyrån can help you scan it.

If you do not have a particular photo or image in mind, Inhousebyrån can help you in your search. In that case, please send one or more sample pictures describing your idea together with a written description of what you are looking for. Please note that purchase of photos, images or illustrations are not included in the price.

Extensive and time-consuming searches, designing time-consuming illustrations or making extensive alterations to pictures are not included in the price.

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