Purchase of products and services

Umeå University is an authority that must comply with the Public Procurement Act (2016: 1145). The law aims to promote competition. Each department and unit within the university is obliged to follow the rules that apply when purchasing goods and services.

The University's internal resources

Where the University itself provides goods and services internally, purchases must, in the first instance, be carried out through the University's in-house providers. Contact the current department / unit for further information.

Find an agreement and order

If in need of external purchases of goods and / or services, these purchases must be made from the university's procured agreements and framework agreements.
A comprehensive list of the University's framework agreements can be found in the agreement database in e-Avrop.

Many of the university's procured goods can be ordered via our e-commerce systems - The Marketplace in Raindance and Wisum (IT-related products).

How to use the University's agreements

Agreements are binding and must be followed. The only time it is acceptable to buy outside a agreement is if all contracted suppliers within an agreement have declared themselves unable to deliver the desired product or service.

Using existing agreements has in most cases advantages compared to carrying out the procurement yourself. You save time and the financial terms can be more favorable.

What do I do if there is no agreement?

If there is no agreement / framework agreement on the product or service you wish to purchase, a procurement must be carried out. Depending on the value and scope of the purchase, it may be a direct procurement, an object procurement or a procurement of a framework agreement.

For help and support in carrying out a procurement, you will find further information via the following link.

Contracted Products & Services

second hand furniture

The University keeps supplies of second hand furniture. If you would like second hand furniture delivered to your workplace, please make a request using this form: Furniture inquiry

Procurement request

Form to submit a procurement request over SEK 626,284 to the Procurement and Purchasing office (the form is only available in Swedish)

For questions

The Procurement and Purchasing Office

visiting address
University Management Building
Universitetstorget 4, floor 2

Linnea Westberg