Purchase of products and services

As Umeå University is a government agency, all our purchases and orders must comply with laws and existing agreements. Before you order or purchase a product or service, no matter what it is, there are some important questions you must consider:

1. Is the product or service available internally within the university?

If the answer to this question is yes, the product or service must be purchased there. For example, cleaning and printing services are available from the Service Office, chemicals from ChemStore, office supplies via the service centre shop and IT products through ITS.

2. Has the University negotiated and signed a contract with a particular supplier?

If we have a framework agreement in place with a supplier for a certain product or service or if we are affiliated to another agency's framework agreement, this means that we have to buy the product or service through this supplier. If you purchase products or services other than in accordance with the agreement, this may constitute illegal direct procurement and a breach of contract.

The framework agreements which the University has in place or to which it has committed itself can be found in the contract directory. If you are not sure whether there is an agreement in place, please contact the Purchasing Office.

3. If the product or service is not available internally, and is not to be procured through a framework agreement.

If the product or service cannot be purchased internally, nor through a framework agreement, this must be procured using an individual procurement process. This takes place in conjunction with the procurement department, which can also answer any questions about the conditions for carrying out direct procurement. In that case, contact the Purchasing Office.

For more information, please contact:

Purchase and procurement at the Purchasing Office


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