Theft, sabotage and burglary

To prevent theft, sabotage, burglary and trespassing, all employees must ensure that locking mechanisms function and that all doors are locked when they are supposed to be. Store theft-prone property such as laptops and mobile phones under supervision. At every new start of the semester, all students and staff should be informed of this.

Routines in the event of theft or sabotage

  1. The person that detects the theft or sabotage must file a police report immediately.
  • If the property belongs to the university, the university acts as plaintiff, but the person using the property must be named as contact person.
  • If the property is private, the plaintiff is the person who owns the property. If the theft, damage or sabotage is extensive, please avoid moving objects before the police has carried out a technical investigation, if there is any risk of additional harm or if the situation needs to be immediate sanitised.
  1. The person who discovers theft or damage must inform the head of department or other form of manager as well as the head of security as soon as possible.

Do not forget in the event of theft of:

  • Mobile phone – block the phone number.
  • Credit or debit card – block the card through your bank.
  • Identification badge or access card – block the card and report it stolen to the House services or equivalent.
  • Keys – never link a key to the premise it accesses by labelling it, for instance. If necessary, use a coded system. If you lose or are robbed of a key and it is easy to find out where it leads, make sure the lock is changed.
  • Computer – follow routines of backing up your computer and use passwords that correspond to the system's password policy.

How do I prevent damage and injury?

  • Do not store unpacked equipment or property in public spaces.
  • Establish a main responsible person for all joint equipment.
  • Label, register in the inventory and anti-theft protect all theft-prone property.
  • Continuously check your equipment.

The university has a property and liability insurance through the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Agency that reimburses theft and damage to property valued over SEK 232,500 (2019). Read more about the insurance on the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Agency's webpage.


Charles Cederqvist
Safety officer
+46 90 786 65 16

Jacob Eriksson
Security coordinator
+46 90 786 71 21

Theft, sabotage and burglary

If you have been exposed to theft or detect sabotage or burglary, please file a report to the Police. There are also some other things to consider.

Frida Fjellström