Bookings, Microsoft 365

Bookings is a digital booking tool where you can set up bookable services. You can choose if you want to set up bookable services or if you want to offer your time in your calendar, for example meetings, this is called Bookings for me.

Bookings is a service that is a part of Microsoft 365 and can be used on the web. Bookings is also integrated with your Outlook calendar, both for the person booking and for the one that set up the booking page. Here you can offer multiple different services and adjust them depending on what you are offering.

Bookings for me is controlled based on your available time in your Outlook calendar. You can ad specific times and days in Bookings for me and depending on if you are available, people can book your time.

Who can use Bookings?

Bookings is available for all employees and students at Umeå University.

How do I get Bookings?

  1. Go to and log in to your Umu-id (
  2. Look for Bookings in the left-side menu, if you can't find it, click on "All apps".
  3. Click on Bookings,
  4. You can now start using Bookings!

Here you can find a manual for how to get started with Bookings

Do you have any questions about Bookings?

Here you can find a FAQ about Bookings

Personal data and sensitive personal data

Don't save or store sensitive personal data or classified information in Office 365.

You are not allowed to store sensitive personal data or information that is bound by secrecy in Microsoft 365. For instance, this includes data such as information about a person's health status, protected personal data, tenders and procurements, information about individuals' ethnic origin, political standpoint and sexuality.

Don't store science research with high protection value

You can't store or save your science material in Microsoft 365 if it has a high protection value. If you have files with high protection value, the University offers a service called Secure storage space.

Start by making an information classification before you decide where you want to store your science research.

Read more about information security here

Read more about Secure storage space here

Do you have questions about information safety or storage? Contact ITS IT-safety or ServiceDesk.

Elin Sköld