Booking rooms in TimeEdit

Rooms are booked using our room booking system TimeEdit. Log in using you Umu-id. If you need help with booking, please contact Infocenter.

Umeå University has about 230 classrooms, conference rooms and group study rooms that can be booked by staff.

To book a room, go to TimeEdit and log in with your Umu-id: Book a room in TimeEdit. Available premises can be viewed without logging in.

TimeEdit shows what premises you can book, the maximum number of participants per room and what equipment is available. You can filter premises depending on your requests, such as accessibility needs, equipment and type of premises. 

Our different types of bookable premises

Group study room

A smaller room for group activity with up to 12 seats. The technology consists of a monitor with built-in speakers, as well as cabling for connecting a laptop.


A room for lectures with the opportunity for group activities. The technology consists of a projector, speakers, keypad for controlling the equipment, as well as cabling for connecting a laptop. Some of these rooms are equipped with Zoom Room technology for video meetings. The flexible classrooms have mobile furniture that allows furnishings as needed.

Conference room

A meeting room with up to 16 seats. The technology consists of one or two monitors, speakers, as well as cabling for connecting a laptop. Video meeting solutions, such as Zoom Room, are available in some of the conference rooms.

Have you booked a room and need help with the technology?

Notify Infocenter or the Campus Services Office in the relevant building at least two days before you plan to use the room. Read more about the technology in bookable rooms.

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