About communication goals

Communication goals are often formulated in sentences that describe what the target audience should know, feel/think and do.

What the target audience should know, feel/think and do build on each other. You have to know something in order to feel something or have an opinion about it. You have to feel some kind of interest or engagement in order to take action.

In addition to concrete communication goals linked to the target audiences, it may also be useful to formulate one or more overall goals for a communication initiative – what you want to achieve with the communication.

Examples of how communication goals can be formulated

The target audience is managers and heads of department and the subject to be communicated is a change of accounting system:

Know: That a new accounting system will be introduced, what the consequences will be, what they as managers need to do, and when the change will take place.

Feel: Well aware of what they need to do. That the change of system is justified and that the change will make accounting management easier.

Do: Inform the staff concerned, start working in the new system, and tell others how much easier it is to work with the new system.

Anja Axelsson