Account for external persons

External persons who need access to the university's system can apply for an Umu ID. The application is made securely through BankID or Freja eID and the responsible manager/prefect approves the application.

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Creating an account for an external person means that the person receives an Umu ID and can access the university's system for a limited time. The prefect or head of unit needs to approve the account in order for the assignment and management of authorization to go correctly.

How do we apply for a guest account?

  1. The host (an employee of the university) creates an application for the external person.
  2. The manager/prefect of the organization specified by the host receives an email with a link to the administration tool for guest accounts where the manager can either approve or deny the creation of the account.
  3. The external person activates the account using BankID or Freja eID.

The external person can make an application themselves, see instructions further down the page.

Instructions for creating an Umu ID for an external person

Instruction for the host or the manager (In Swedish)

Instruction for the external person (In Swedish)

Elin Sköld