Mobile telephony

Your manager or head of department is the one who decides whether you need a mobile phone for work. If you do, your manager will approve your order. To order a new mobile contract, you need to fill out a form.

Umeå University's mobile network operator is called Telia. Telia's standard contract suffices for most employees. If you need more data or need to be able to surf and call outside of the EU, you can order add-on services.

Included in this service

Telia's standard contract includes:
• 10 GB of 3G/4G mobile data.
• Unlimited calls within Sweden and the EU/EEA.
• Unlimited texts/MMS within Sweden and the EU/EEA.
• The ability to call and send texts/MMS in and to countries outside of the EU/EEA. You get SEK 40 worth of credit for this purpose.
• The ability to surf outside of the EU/EEA. You get SEK 40 worth of credit for this purpose.

If you have additional needs, you can order a customised contract by contacting – for example if your office or department would like to have a mobile contract that is not tied to a specific person.

How to order a mobile contract

1. Read the Rules for mobile phone contracts.
2. Print and fill out the form "Ordering a mobile contract and consenting to salary deductions" found on this page.
3. You and your manager or head of department both sign the form and then scan and save it as a PDF file.
4. Send the PDF copy to, then archive the original at your office or department.


Standard contract

Monthly price for a standard contract: SEK 109.

Other prices:
• Extra data, 5 GB: SEK 83.
• Extra data, 10 GB: SEK 131.
• Extra SIM card: SEK 10.
• Mobile broadband, 100 GB: SEK 151.
• Mobile broadband, 500 GB: SEK 307.

Add-on service: Calling and surfing outside of the EU

Prices for data abroad

Select a country to see current prices and options on Telia's website.
Prices for data abroad

Prices for calling abroad

When you travel outside of the EU, there are three services that allow you to make discounted calls abroad. Those services each cost SEK 19 per month. They have a 30-day tie-in period, after which they may be cancelled.

NOTE: it is your responsibility as an employee to cancel these travel services by emailing and mentioning which service you no longer need.

Prices for travel services

Travel West – Canada, USA
Order: Text 'WEST' to 4466

Travel South – Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE
Order: Text 'SOUTH' to 4466

Travel East – Australia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan
Order: Text 'EAST' to 4466

Customised contract: WiFi calling - If your mobile coverage is patchy

If the mobile signal where you live or work is too weak to be able to make uninterrupted calls, you can order a contract that allows you to make WiFi calls instead. WiFi calling allows you to move around freely without losing reception.
Note that this is not an add-on service: instead, you will get a completely different, new contract. WiFi calling is only available in Sweden.

Things to consider

Some services are blocked

Surfing outside of the EU and making premium-rate calls are blocked. If you need these services for work, they can be unblocked. To do so, you must get the approval of your manager or head of department, fill in the "Ordering a mobile contract" form, and send it to

Work expenses are reimbursed

If you ever need to make more phone calls, send more texts or use more data for work than included in your contract, this usage will still be deducted from your salary. To be reimbursed for these costs when your next salary is paid out, you need to register the salary deduction as an expense in PASS. (See PASS for instructions.)

If you notice that your contract is insufficient for your work use, contact your head of office or department to upgrade. (Note that this is only possible for standard contracts.)

If you have both a University landline and a University mobile phone

Your landline and mobile phone number are not connected, they are two separate numbers.

Here's how it works:
• Someone calls your mobile phone > your mobile phone rings
• Someone calls your landline (090-786) > you get a Teams call

* You can, however, change your Teams preferences to have your mobile phone ring when someone calls your landline. This setting is called 'Also ring' (Ring även). It is not possible, however, to have Teams ring when someone calls your mobile phone.

Instructions: Teams settings

FAQ about mobile telephony

What if my included limit runs out?

All calling, texting and surfing that exceeds the limits of your contract is considered private usage and will be deducted from your net salary each month. This salary deduction may not exceed SEK 350 per month. Any costs that exceed SEK 350 must be paid as salary deductions, according to a separate agreement between you and your employer.

The form you fill in to order a mobile contract requires you to give your consent, so exceeding fees can be deducted from your salary.

How much can I surf until my data runs out?

Data, GB per month Email Online meetings/Zoom Video streaming Internet, websites Music streaming
10 GB An entire month Roughly 7 hours Roughly 3 hours Roughly 800 pages Roughly 60 hours
100 GB An entire month Roughly 67 hours Roughly 33 hours Roughly 8000 pages Roughly 600 hours
500 GB An entire month Roughly 333 hours Roughly 167 hours Roughly 40 000 pages Roughly 3000 hours

How do I buy a mobile phone?

You can find a list of recommended phone models in Umeå University's purchasing platform for IT products, Wisum. The University's selection of phones is based on functionality, quality and security.

How can I listen to voicemails if I only have mobile telephony?

You can listen to your voicemails by following these instructions:
Quick guide on how to access Telia's voicemail, Manual


Where can I see how much data I have left?

Text 'surfmängd' to 4466. Telia will send you a message that tells you how much data you have left that month.

Order mobile contract

Order form for mobile contracts

Need help with your contract?
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Contact Servicedesk when you need assistance such as technical support or to request access to a system.

Servicedesk contact form
Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

System reports – Driftinformation (Swedish only)

Provides information on system disruptions and planned updates.

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