Mobile phones

The university’s mobile network operator is Telia. If you wish to order a new mobile contract, please do so using the order form. Heads of offices/departments decide if you need access to a mobile phone and must approve your order.

Umeå University's mobile network operator is Telia. For most employees, the standard contract offered is sufficient. However, if an extra-large amount of data is necessary, there is another contract package with a data limit of 100GB.

Standard contract

The standard contract contains
• 10GB of 3G/4G data
• Unlimited calls within Sweden and the EU/EEA
• Unlimited texts/MMS within Sweden and the EU/EEA
• For calls, texts and MMS to countries outside the EU/EEA, traffic up to SEK 40 is included
• For data outside of the EU/EEA, data up to SEK 40 is included
• International traffic outside the EU/EEA including calls and data for one week costs SEK 249
Cost per month and contract charged to the department or office is SEK 109.

In addition, there is also a contract for mobile data only and extra SIM cards.

Price list

Extra data, 5GB for SEK 83
Extra data, 10GB for SEK 131
Extra SIM card for SEK 10
Mobile broadband, 100GB for SEK 151
Mobile broadband, 500GB for SEK 307

The operator has, according to the agreement, the right to charge for the cost of moving current contracts. This cost will be split between current contracts in the form of a setup fee of SEK 360. This fee will not be charged to new contracts signed at a later stage.

Customised contracts

For customised contracts, please contact

Some services are blocked

Data outside of the EU and premium rate phone services and calls are blocked but can be unblocked if your job requires it. Your head of office or department must approve such extra services. To open blocked services, you must fill in the same form as you order a new mobile phone contract and send it to the University tele administrators

What happens if the included limits run out?

All calls, text messages and data usage that exceed the included limits are considered as private costs and will be deducted off your net salary each month. The salary deduction cannot exceed SEK 350 per month. Any costs that exceed SEK 350 must be paid as salary deduction according to a separate agreement between you and your employer.

In order to sign a contract, you therefore must sign a consent form so that the exceeding fees can be deducted from your salary. You give your consent on the same form as you order the mobile phone contract.

Work expenses will be reimbursed by the University

If you ever need to, in the line of duty, make more phone calls, send more texts or use more data than included in the contract, this usage will still be deducted from your salary. To get reimbursed for such costs, you need to register the salary deduction as an expense in the university administration system PASS. The amount will be reimbursed on your next pay cheque. Instructions on how to register an expense can be found in PASS, or you can ask your administrator for support.

If you notice that the contract you have is not enough for your work use, please contact your head of office or department to upgrade. Please note that this is not possible for customised contracts that do not have these services.

Price list to purchase more data
Extra data, 5GB for SEK 83
Extra data, 10GB for SEK 131

Purchasing a new phone

Mobile phones that are recommended can be found in Wisum. The recommended phones are chosen based upon current basic requirements of function, quality and providing security updates.

Order mobile contract

New orders can be made after 11 June. Please note! You do not need to make a new order for existing contracts when the change to Telia takes effect.

Order form for mobile contracts

Need help with your contract?
Please contact


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  • Ordering access to different systems

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