Advice on processing extensive and frequent requests

If a request is extensive or frequent you may facilitate the process by these advice.

  • Start processing the request as soon as possible
  • Start a dialogue with the requeting party as soon as possible on how to deal with the request, and continue the dialog during the entire process. The requesting party has the right to remain anonymous and not to state the reason for his or her request, but this does not prevent you from asking if he or she wishes to have a dialogue on the handling of the request. Regardless of whether or not the requesting party wishes to engage in a dialogue, the requesting party shall receive as much information as possible on how the request will be handled, when the documents are estimated to be disclosed and any fees.
  • Ask the requesting to indicate the order in which documents are requested to be disclosed. The dialogue with the applicant may lead to clarification or delimitation of the request, thus the process may be handled sooner.
  • Public documents which do not contain personal data or confidential information may exceptionally be disclosed electronically if it facilitates the process and it is possible to ensure that the documents reach the right recipient in a secure manner.
  • Clarify whether the request concerns the access to public documents or other information. The urgency requirement in accordance with the principle of access to public document applies only to requests for access to public documents. If the request concerns general information the authority's service obligation applies.

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