Rooms that are not booked in TimeEdit

You can book most rooms yourself in the system TimeEdit, but there are some exceptions.

The pavilion in the Campus Park.

Photo: Mattias Pettersson

Aula Nordica, Universum

Contact Lars Linder, +46 70-556 21 10,

Brashörnan, Universum

Brashörnan is included in the price when booking Aula Nordica. If Aula Nordica is booked, booking of Brashörnan will be made at the same time. Separate bookings of Brashörnan are made via Lars Linder, +46 70-556 21 10, See the booking schedule for Brashörnan.


  • Teacher Education Building Atrium
  • MIT Building Atrium
  • Natural Sciences Building Atrium
  • Technology Building Atrium

Atriums are booked via Infocenter.

University Hospital of Umeå

Premises at the University Hospital of Umeå are booked via

The Pavilion

The Pavilion (close to the University Pond) is primarily booked for sustainable or health-related activities and events. Booking the Pavilion is free of charge. All events must be smoke and alcohol free. Adjacent to the Pavilion houses outdoor workplaces and seating areas. The Pavilion can be booked through Infocenter.

Vardagsrummet (The Living Room)

Vardagsrummet in the Humanities Building is booked via Infocenter.

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