Websites outside of Episerver

Organisations that have websites outside of the University’s joint web platform in Episerver are responsible for ensuring that they comply with “Regulation for Umeå University websites”.

If your organisation runs its own website

If your organisation runs its own websites outside of our joint web solution in Episerver, there are a few extra things to keep in mind:

  • There must be a responsible editor for each page published. The name of the editor does not need to be stated on the page, but it must be possible to trace internally who is responsible for each individual page of the website.
  • There must also be a system owner who is responsible for ensuring that the website complies with the technical accessibility requirements for websites in the public sector.
  • It is the head (manager), head of department or director of the organisation who is responsible for ensuring that the content published by the organisation complies with the laws and guidelines that apply to public sector websites (applies to all websites, including those within Episerver).

If you need new web pages or a new website run by the University, you can order it here.

A more regulated internet places higher demands on our websites

As the internet pervades our society more and more, it has become increasingly regulated, and public sector organisations have requirements that their websites must meet.

What used to be a bit like the "wild west", where a fun idea was enough to make a site, has become more governed by rules aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible can access the information that the public sector publishes online. This is known as digital accessibility.

On the University's and Aurora websites, we work hard to satisfy accessibility requirements. If your organisation uses these websites, you get a lot of basic digital accessibility "automatically".

Read more about accessible websites.

Applicable rules

Regulation for Umeå University websites describes the requirements that Umeå University's public websites have to meet. A public website is a website that is searchable online.

Go to Regulation for Umeå University websites.

Jonas Mattebo