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Umeå University has three jointly funded websites for the University's prioritised target groups:

  • for external target groups, we use umu.se; and
  • for internal target groups, we use the student web (admitted students) and Aurora (staff).

umu.se and umu.se/en – the University's external website

The purpose of umu.se is to give visitors a better picture of Umeå University. It is intended to ensure that the various organisations within the University can effectively communicate with their external target groups online to help them achieve their goals of conducting education, research and collaboration of the highest quality.

For our purposes, external target groups are primarily prospective students, prospective employees, researchers at other higher education institutions, the media, partners and funding bodies, as well as members of the public interested in what we are doing. Parts of the content can also be an important source of information for our staff.

In other words, it is a large website that is used for many different purposes.

umu.se/utbildning and umu.se/study

Umu.se/utbildning and its English equivalent umu.se/study (sometimes called our education website) are intended for prospective students interested in higher education. It provides prospective students with information about the University's programmes and answers questions such as – Will I get in? What does the University have to offer? Will I be happy at Umeå University? Will I be able to find somewhere to live?

Umu.se/study shows the University's total offering of both national and international programmes, and provides an inspiring picture of what it is like to be a student at Umeå University and what it is like to study at a university.

The purpose of umu.se/utbildning is to provide easy access to information for all visitors who wish to make choices about their studies and so they can easily make these choices online.

Focusing on visitor needs, the goal is to get the right student at the best place of study with the least possible administration. A university that makes things possible.

umu.se/forskning and umu.se/en/research

Umu.se/forskning and its English equivalent umu.se/en/research (sometimes called our research website) is designed to enable research conducted at Umeå University to be presented in a way that reflects the breadth and depth of the University's activities.

Department websites on umu.se

All departments (and offices and other units) have a department website on umu.se where they can describe their own activities to the department's external target groups. The department website is linked to the programme catalogue (programmes and courses) and the research website (research projects and research groups).

Aurora – our staff website

Aurora is our website for university staff. Here, staff receive personalised support in their day-to-day work and can find governing information, documents and the University's e-services intended for staff. The aim of Aurora is to make it easy for staff to do the right thing, and for it to be an effective tool that makes day-to-day work easier.

Student web – for admitted students

The student web is for our admitted students (in addition to the Canvas learning platform).

It gives admitted students answers to questions about their studies, shows what services the University offers, and is home to the University's e-services for students. When visiting the student web, we want visitors to think and feel that it makes their day-to-day studies easier.

Websites outside of our jointly funded platform

If your organisation runs its own websites outside of our joint web solution in Episerver, there are a few extra things to keep in mind. You can read more about this on the page Websites outside of Episerver.

Your personal page on umu.se

All employees can edit their personal page in the staff repository on the University's website.

Read more about how to edit your personal page.

Roles and training

The roles that make up the content work at umu.se are described here:

Web editor organisation

A list of our web editors can be found here:

Appointed web editors

Matomo – web analytics

Our web analytics tool is called Matomo, and you can find it here: matomo.analys.cloud

Note! You first need to apply for a user account in Matomo. As a web editor, you can do this via Servicedesk.

Jonas Mattebo