Access level

To ensure the digital security of all employees at Umeå University, there are different types of preventive measures, one of which is "levels of trust". Here is a description of what it is and how it works for you as an employee.

Level of trust (also called "SWAMID Assurance level") is a measure of trust, i.e. how well we know who is behind an account. It's about ensuring that you're the one logging into your account and not someone else.

The right level of trust creates security

Umeå University currently has two levels of trust: Level 1 (SWAMID AL1) and Level 2 (SWAMID AL2).

  • Level 1 (AL1) means that the user of an account has not identified themselves. This will impose certain restrictions on the user, who will not be able to log in everywhere.
  • Level 2 (AL2) means that the user to an account has identified themselves with, for example, Bank ID, Freja eID+ or has shown their ID for ITS Servicedesk and is then confirmed as the correct user. Book a meeting with ITS Servicedesk here, visit them here or follow the guide here on the right. 

Today, there are various digital services that require you to confirm your identity in order to log in and in the future, more services will require the right level of trust from the user.


Here you will find a guide to see and customize your level of trust:

Sofia Westerlund