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If you want to use Teams for your digital meetings you can choose between different kinds of meetings. Here we show you more about the different kinds of meetings, what the difference is and what they can be used for.

Teams is one of Umeå University services for digital meetings. Teams is available for everyone with a Umu-id. You can join a Teams-meeting from a browser or via the Teams app on both your phone or computer. You can use Teams with people from outside the university too.

With Teams you can:

  • create virtual group rooms, called breakout rooms
  • have project meetings
  • do lectures and workshops
  • share screen with others for your presentations or to show videos or pictures
  • chat and create shorter surveys
  • cooperate with a digital whiteboard

Choose the right type of meeting

There are three types of meetings in Teams: Meeting, webinar or liveevent. Which of them your supposed to use depends on your needs.

Meeting in Teams

Meeting is suitably when you want the participants to be able to interact with each other and if you want to share audio, video and your screen.

  • Your able to share audio, video and screens, but it's also possible to shut of these functions for everyone or for some people.
  • It's possible for up to 20 000 people to participate but only 1000 of these can use all of the meetings functions, the rest can only see the meeting. After December 31 2021 can only 10 000 people participate.
  • You don't have to be a member in the organization or have a Teams-account to participate.
  • You can interact with each other with discussions, chat or reactions like thumbs up or applauds.

Webinar in Teams

Choose webinar when you want a more controlled meeting where only one or a few persons is going to talk or present something, and when you want the participants to register their participation.

  • Webinar is more of a controlled meeting that demands the participants to register before.
  • It's possible for 1000 people to join.
  • The webinar can be both private or public. To register to a private webinar the participants need to log in with a Umu-id.
  • A webinar is more divided, one or a few presenters and the participants that listens.

Liveevent in Teams

Liveevent is suitably when you want to live broadcast a meeting or lecture to a bigger crowd that you don't have to interact with. If you want to have a liveevent we recommend you to contact Servicedesk to get some help.

  • You can broadcast for up to 20 000 people. After December 31 it's only possible with 10 000 people.
  • Liveevents is only available for people within the organizations that has a Umu-id.
  • You can say that liveevents contains four rolls.

- Organizer. Schedule and is responsible for the event.
- Producer. The host that is responsible for the technique.
- Presenter. Share video and audio under the event, moderates the questions.
- Participants. Watches and can ask questions, can't share screen or video.

Elin Sköld