Creating an annual wheel

One way to illustrate the communication activities of an organisation during a year is to create an annual wheel.

The annual wheel can be a complement to your communication or activity plan, since it is linked to events in the organisation.

An annual wheel can be in the form of an ordinary document where you list the activities that will take place in chronological order, along with what needs to be communicated in relation to each activity and how.

Another way is to visualise the events in an image. The annual wheel is suitable for activities linked to specific events and often does not capture all communication activities. An annual wheel in the form of an image can be suitable for printing and posting to bring the plan to life and remind people of what needs to be done. An annual wheel does not capture unforeseen events and may also need to be adjusted over time, as does an activity plan.

Principle sketch of an annual wheel, where the points can symbolise events and communication activities during the year.

Photo: Elin Sköld

Anja Axelsson