FAQ on employee satisfaction survey

Umeå University’s employee satisfaction survey will be conducted between 26 February and 15 March 2024. The information on this page is aimed at heads of department, managers or HR support functions.

This page gathers questions and answers concerning the University's employee satisfaction survey. The page is updated continuously. Do you have a question that is not covered on this page? Please contact the human resources strategists at the Human Resources Office.

I'm a manager. Will my own response be included in my employees' results?

No, if you are a manager with staff responsibilities, you must consider yourself on the next (higher) level of the organisation when answering the questions. If you, for example, are head of department, consider the faculty your workplace when responding to the survey. When it says "At my department, office or equivalent, I have the opportunity to influence decisions and get involved" translate that to "At my faculty, I have the opportunity to influence decisions and get involved". In the report of the survey results, your response will move up a level of the organisation. Your response will be summarised with the faculty's results.

I'm new as head of department at my department. Can I still get the results for my employees?

Yes, that is possible if at least five employees have completed the survey and if they are grouped in the results. Your nearest HR officer can contact Quicksearch to provide you with the right access and login details.

Our organisation is new and I'm a new manager. How do I approach the employee satisfaction survey and work with the results of the survey?

It can be problematic to know how to go forward when the organisation and manager are new. The old organisation and manager are no longer relevant, and it can be difficult for members of staff to have had time to form a view of the work situation in the new organisation and of you as a manager. As a manager, you decide what approach your members of staff should have when they respond to the survey, whether they should take into account the old organisation and manager, or the new organisation with you as a manager. Work with the parts of the results that feel relevant to the new organisation.

I'm the dean of a faculty. Can I get the results for my heads of department?

Yes, that is possible if at least five heads of department have responded to the survey and if you are their line manager (nearest manager). If you search for your name in the results portal, you will see the results from your heads of department. If you have not received login details to the results portal, your nearest HR officer can contact Quicksearch to provide you with the right access and login details.

I'm a manager and have not received the best results regarding my leadership. Can I get support in the continued work with the results?

Yes, there are several means of getting support to continue working with the results. Firstly, your line manager, management team or HR support function can help you. Secondly, you can get professional support on how to improve your managerial skills from the University's occupational health service provider, Falck. More information about the occupational health services and how to order can be found on the staff website Aurora.

Find out more: What is included in the occupational health services?

Can I see all individual responses?

Quicksearch guarantees full anonymity. The survey will be sent out from Quicksearch and responses will be sent straight back to Quicksearch. Umeå University will at no point throughout this employee satisfaction survey be able to access individual responses. This means that you will not be able to see individual responses. You will only see the results of groups with a minimum of five respondents.

Can I, as head of department, see the results regarding exposure to undesirable behaviour at my department?

When it comes to results of exposure to undesirable behaviour, these are only presented to the HR officer on faculty office/equivalent and university-wide level for groups with eight responses or more. For smaller groups, responses will be displayed on the next (higher) level of the organisation. The HR officer at the faculty office/equivalent can inform you of your group's results if general work environment measures need to be taken.

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