Sensitivity labels - a safe tool to protect your work documents

In 2023, Umeå University will introduce a new support that helps all employees manage their work documents in Microsoft 365 in a secure way. The support is called "sensitivity labels" and is an opportunity to add protection and get guidance on how the document can be shared with others.

The purpose of "sensitivity labels" 

The purpose behind the introduction of the user support "sensitivity labels" is based on the Vice-Chancellor's decision to introduce the Microsoft 365 platform for all employees at Umeå University. Linked to the introduction, a number of changes have already been implemented, such as work to phase out certain systems, the introduction of MFA and migration of e-mail and telephony. The goal of the unified platform in Microsoft 365 is for users to feel safe with the digital tools they use in their everyday lives, while we as a university comply with laws and regulations.

This is the "Sensitivity Labels" user support

In order for all employees at Umeå University to be able to manage and share their work material in a safe and correct way in Microsoft 365, a new type of user support called "sensitivity labels" will be introduced in 2023. The support is about helping the user to manage working documents and with the help of the support the user gets an opportunity to apply extra protection. The extra protection can, for example, be about encryption or technically limit how documents can be shared and who can open documents.

Pilot and implementation in 2023

In order for the user support "sensitivity detectors" to work as smoothly as possible, we need to test it on a smaller group first. Therefore, ITS is now launching a pilot project in all units and institutions. If you are invited as a pilot participant, you will be contacted via email and initially invited to an introductory course. The pilot project for "sensitivity labels" means that ITS conducts different types of tests and controls for how sensitivity labels work in different systems and cloud services used at Umeå University.

In connection with the introduction at Umeå University, training is carried out for all employees with the ambition to create understanding and security when it comes to using the support in their daily work.


The timetable for the introduction will be updated in the future below. If you have questions or want to know more, you can contact ITS: or

Want to know more, you can contact ITS

Sofia Westerlund