REDCap - Data collection in research studies

REDCap is a web-based service for data collection in research studies. It helps you as a researcher to collect, store and report clinical research data.

In the system, you can create questionnaires and forms such as case report forms and electronic data collection forms (eCRF). The questionnaires can be sent out or answered directly in the system.

It is also possible to create rules for which questions must be answered and to create variables that make calculations based on already filled-in data, for example BMI. The service also supports randomization.

In the web service you can:

  • Collect data in real time
  • Check data verification/signature
  • Establish monitoring/quality review calendar
  • Get reports on, for example, user statistics
  • Export data to analysis tools such as SPSS, STATA, R, Excel, etc.


For price information, contact Servicedesk.


Anyone using REDCap must have an Umu ID approved for multi-factor authentication. If the user lacks an Umu-id, you as the project owner of your Redcap project are responsible for asking your institution to create a new Umu-id for your external users.

How to order REDCap

  1. Activate multi-factor authentication for your Umu ID. You need this to be able to log into REDCap.
    More about multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  2. Send a case to Servicedesk. You will then have to fill in an order form.
    There are a number of templates produced in the service that you can base your research project on. This takes place in consultation between ITS and the client.
Elin Sköld