Remote work and VPN

Sometimes there is a need to be able to work remotely with Umeå University’s systems and environments. To enable remote work, the equipment used needs to be regulated and connected securely to the University network.

Risks of remote working

The main risks are that unauthorised individuals may try to use the existing remote connection to breach Umeå University's system or that a computer may be used recklessly or in environments where it can be compromised and then connected, remotely or directly, to the University's network. That poses the obvious risk of the spread of malware inside firewalls and on to other systems.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a technology used to create secure connections, a protected tunnel between two points in a network.

Eduroam is the University's wireless, certificate-based network that provides the user with an encrypted link as long as Eduroam is used within the University. The same level of security does not exist off campus.

VPNs are used in remote work to prevent intrusions, protect usernames and ensure that passwords and data are not intercepted and do not fall into the wrong hands. The following applies when using a VPN:

  • To create a secure connection when working remotely, VPN should be used as a first option, and you should use Umeå University's VPN service. Eduroam can be used as an alternative when there is no special login to systems or where system firewalls do not prevent entry.
  • The VPN service should only be used on work-related computers and on computers or clients that have adequate security protection with the latest security updates, an installed firewall and a functional antivirus program. A home computer used by other family members cannot be considered a secure computer and should not be used.
  • The VPN service should be used only when performing work for the University. You will need an IP number belonging to Umeå University for access or where an increased level of security for remote work is needed. When the work is completed, the VPN service is to be disconnected.
  • For remote desktops, for example, if Remote Desktop is used remotely to connect to an existing system, the connection has to be secured with a VPN tunnel.
  • The VPN account is personal and may not be transferred or used by others.


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