CCTV surveillance

Umeå University has security cameras installed at selected objects that are particularly sensitive. The purpose of these cameras is to reduce the risk of vandalism, break-in and other inconveniences that can adversely affect the safety of the operation and to increase security for staff.

The installation of any new security cameras is only permitted subject to consultation with the Security Function at the Building Office.

CCTV surveillance in communal areas is only used when the interest in surveillance outweighs the interest in privacy. Surveillance using security cameras is regulated in the Swedish Camera Surveillance Act (2018:1200). The permission of the supervisory authority is required for the University to be permitted CCTV surveillance in places to which the general public has access.

Recorded material from security cameras constitutes personal data and is handled in accordance with the rules set out in the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For the University, this means, among other things, that images from the security cameras are handled by the Head of Security, who assesses, after consultation with the University's legal advisor, whether and when stored images are to be analysed. In the event of a crime or a possible suspicion of a crime in connection with which the police or prosecutors request the disclosure of data, this is undertaken in accordance with current legislation.


Charles Cederqvist
Safety officer
+46 90 786 65 16

Jacob Eriksson
Security coordinator
+46 90 786 71 21

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