Graphic design tool

The graphic design tool has been developed to simplify for staff to produce products for print with the help of templates that follow Umeå University’s visual identity.

Log in to the graphic design tool

Go to the login page for the graphic design tool.

What is the graphic design tool?

The graphic design tool is a web-based service to produce graphic design products based on set templates. The tool does not require any previous experience and all staff members with a valid Umu-id have access to and can use the templates. All templates follow the University's visual identity.

Support material

FAQ about the graphic design tool

Who can use the graphic design tool?

All staff members with a valid Umu-id can log in and start producing material. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. Students do not have access to the graphic design tool; it is only available to staff.

Is support available in English?

Yes, staff members can choose between English and Swedish as the system language. Language settings can be found under "My user account" in the page header. Templates can be set to English or Swedish. You can set this yourself within each template.

When should I use the graphic design tool?

Templates in the graphic design tool have been developed to simplify for staff to produce recurring products for print and press. The tool simplifies for graphic design and provides all members of staff with access to predefined layouts, logos, fonts and colours that follow the University's visual identity.

These templates are available when the tool is launched:

  • A4-blad / A4 sheet
  • A5-blad / A5 sheet
  • Affisch / Poster
  • Avhandlingsomslag / Doctoral thesis cover
  • Korrespondenskort / Correspondence card
  • Namnskylt / Name plate
  • Rollup / Roller banner
  • Visitkort / Business card
  • Vetenskaplig poster / Scientific poster

If you desire other types of templates than those available, please send a request to Servicedesk.

Will any training be offered to learn the tool?

No training is currently planned. You can find links to support material further up on this page, which should allow you to get started with the tool and the templates. If you need further support, advice or feedback, please contact Servicedesk.

Can others see my documents?

No. Your documents are not visible to others unless you choose to share the document.

Can I share documents with my colleagues?

Yes. Each document has a share function. Users can add colleagues to access the document. Colleagues or collaborative partners who do not have an Umu-id cannot be added using the user group and share function. But documents can be emailed to any email account via the tool.

Can I print from the tool?

Yes. There is a manual available describing how you can download or print documents through the tool.

How to download and print using the graphic design tool

Can I send documents to a printing office from the tool?

Yes. The tool has a media basket with a direct link to Tryckservice printing office. Once you have saved a document, you can choose to add the finalised document in your media basket and follow the steps to submit your order to Tryckservice.

Are the templates accessible?

Accessibility is very much based on what content is added and how the template is used. This means that you will have to check the document and make potential adjustments before it can be published online, for instance on a web page. The templates can only guarantee that colour contrasts between background colour plates and text colour meet accessibility requirements.

Will students be granted access to the tool?

We currently have no plans to grant students access to the graphic design tool.


User support

All queries, feedback or requests regarding the graphic design tool are referred to Servicedesk.

Servicedesk contact form

Self-service support through Manual

Support material and guides to the graphic design tool can be found on the website Manual.

System malfunction

If you discover a problem with the graphic design tool, logged in users can contact the supplier Powerinit through the built-in support function.

Ida Åberg