The logo is the key element of our visual identity and consists of two parts – a seal (the round mark) and a brand text (sender). The logo is a registered trademark and may not be cropped, altered or otherwise modified.

Downloading the logo

Only staff may download the Umeå University logo. To download the logo, you need to be logged in to the Aurora staff website.

Log into the Aurora staff website to access logo files for download.

Ordering the logo with additional sender

If your department, office or equivalent needs the logo with additional sender, please contact Inhousebyrån.

History of the logo

The logo was originally designed by silversmith Sigurd Persson in the 1960s, and the various parts symbolise Umeå and northern Sweden (known as Norrland). The house represents a characteristic Västerbotten barn and the reindeer can also be found in the Umeå coat of arms. The symbol was originally created as a piece of jewellery: the Vice-Chancellor's chain worn on ceremonial occasions.

Ume Sami logo

Umeå University is located in Sápmi. Just a hundred years ago, the campus meadows were the winter grazing land for reindeer from the Rans Sami village. This means that students and staff walk on traditional Ume Sami land every day. To emphasise this connection, the University has developed a logo with an Ume Sami sender.

Marlene Lahti