Get started with Exchange in Office 365

When migrating your email services to Office 365, you need to take a few steps to get started. These steps are explained below. How to install your email on a mobile phone is also explained at the bottom of the page.

Before migrating your email, you will be informed that your email services will be moved to Office 365. To users, this makes no difference. You can continue to use your services as usual.

On the day of the migration, your email client (Outlook or equivalent) will briefly stop receiving emails. This will be indicated with a small message at the bottom of the window (at least in Outlook for PC) stating that the client is trying to connect.

  • Normally, the email interruption is limited to 10–15 minutes after which Outlook or equivalent should work as normal again.
  • You may also get a pop-up prompt asking for your login details. If you have activated your multi-factor authentication, you may get prompted to authenticate.
  • Skype may also be disrupted as it is dependent on the email client to save chat history.

Please note that you will not lose any incoming emails even if you cannot briefly access your inbox.

When your email service has been moved

You will receive an email when your email service has been moved.

For PC

If you have a PC and the latest version of Office, your Outlook client will be updated automatically.

For Mac

If you have a Mac, you need to make some settings to set up Outlook.

Ställ in Outlook på Mac med mailkonto i M365/O365 (In Swedish)

Kontrollera kontoinställningar i Outlook för M365/O365 på Mac (In Swedish)

Outlook in the browser

You can access Outlook on the web directly from the Office portal, go to and log in with your Umu-id. On the menu to the left, click on Outlook. 

Outlook on mobile phone

Use the Outlook app to read your e-mail on your mobile phone.

Set up Outlook on iPhone

Set up Outlook on Android


Contact Servicedesk when you need assistance such as technical support or to request access to a system.

Servicedesk contact form
Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

System reports – Driftinformation (Swedish only)

Provides information on system disruptions and planned updates.

Elin Sköld