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What is the process of renting premises?

Umeå University has chosen an internal rental model with an average rent. For underground premises, half the average rent will be charged. The University Board sets the average rent on an annual basis in conjunction with deciding on budget and allocation of resources.

The Head of Department or equivalent should contact the Building Office, the unit which centrally manages most matters relating to the premises of Umeå University.

How much is the internal rent?

The rental amount payable is set once a year by the University Board and is calculated based on the size of the premises rented. The internal rent includes the refurbishment of shared premises, data and telecommunication networks, security facilities (alarms, passage controls and similar) as well as existing furnishings and equipment. Maintenance and purchases of new furnishings and equipment are not included.

What is the process in terms of redevelopments?

The Head of Department or equivalent contacts the Building Office to ask for a redevelopment of his/her department. The department/unit must not make direct contact with the property owner or any of the University's contracted suppliers to discuss a potential redevelopment project.

What is the process of terminating a rental agreement?

In order to secure quality premises for the core operations of the University, it is important that all rentals and lettings of premises are managed solely by the Building Office. When a department/unit wishes to leave its premises and terminate the rental agreement, a written Notice of Termination of Tenancy must be submitted to the Building Office no later than 31 December for evacuation on the last day of December the following year. In order to terminate a rental agreement for rooms that are no longer in use, the location of the rooms must be such that they cannot be rented out to someone else without causing inconvenience to either party.

What is included when I rent an office?

When the Building Office leases an office as a workplace it is basically furnished with a desk (not height-adjustable), an office chair, wall-mounted shelves, a storage unit, wall-mounted clothes hooks, curtains and fluorescent overhead lighting. There will be power and network connections for one workplace and the ventilation will be adjusted to a single occupant.
Basic furniture will be recycled, either from within the building or from the university's furniture store. Any measures to raise the standard of the office in terms of surfaces, fixtures and fittings, general lighting and the installation of workplace lighting (spotlighting) is paid for by the department/organisation renting the premises.

What is the process when buying new furnishings?

Purchases of new furnishing must be financed by the departments or units themselves.
Departments or units wishing to purchase new furnishing should refer to the Suppliers Catalogue for details of suppliers contracted by the University. The Building Office can also give advice and assist with the purchasing of new furnishing.

How does moving in work?

The department/organisation is responsible for ordering the connection of data outlets via the IT Service Desk. Lock replacements are paid for by the department/organisation and ordered from the relevant facilities planner. If the building has a new signage system, the department/organisation is responsible for changing the information on signs and displays.
PLEASE NOTE: Should the department/organisation decide while leasing the premises to change the use of the space – e.g., refurnishing to accommodate additional workplaces or converting to a meeting room instead of an office – ventilation requirements will need to be reviewed. Contact the relevant facilities planner.

Who do I contact in case of a fault?

This depends on the type of fault and where it is located. Faults relating to heating, ventilation, lighting (not special workplace lighting or the replacement of lightbulbs or fluorescent tubes), water and waste water, recycling bin collections, external or internal maintenance as well as snow clearance and gritting are the responsibility of the property owner. For all other faults or problems at your premises, please contact the Campus Services Office (Universitetsservice) or Infocenter.
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Is there a forum for matters relating to the University's premises?

Matters relating to bookable rooms and communal areas are discussed at regular meetings held by the House Councils. The House Councils do not, however, discuss matters concerning premises rented by departments and units. House Council meetings are held twice every semester in all of the houses at Campus Umeå. House Council meetings are attended by representatives from different departments, property owners, the Campus Services Office and Building Office as well as contracted suppliers and students.

Who manages the cleaning of premises?

The Campus Services Office manages the cleaning of all the premises at Umeå University. The premises are cleaned to a standard level of cleaning in addition to which, additional services are offered.


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