Umeå University has two primary colours – dark blue and black – and four complementary colours. The colour scale is taken from our profile artwork and creates a sober and natural colour scale.

Primary colours

Dark blue and black are the University's main colours. The blue colour in particular is used as an identifier of Umeå University in printed materials, templates, websites and University merchandise.

The text colour against the main colours is always white.

Colour codes

  • CMYK: 81-54-23-46
  • RGB: 42-71-101
  • HEX: #2A4765
  • CMYK: 0-0-0-100
  • RGB: 0-0-0
  • HEX: #000000

Complementary colours

The complementary colours can be used to reinforce a message, lighten up the layout and create variation in our expression.

The text colour against the complementary colours is always black.

Colour codes

  • CMYK: 55-9-44-14
  • RGB: 115-167-144
  • HEX: #73A790
  • CMYK: 15-30-55-5
  • RGB: 215-177-124
  • HEX: #D7B17C
  • CMYK: 5-33-20-3
  • RGB: 234-186-185
  • HEX: #EABAB9
  • CMYK: 0-0-8-8
  • RGB: 241-239-228
  • HEX: #F1EFE4

Contrasts and accessibility

It is important that the text and the background have good contrast so that it is easy to distinguish foreground from background. Good contrast improves readability, especially for people with visual impairment.

Adequate contrast is a criterion to fulfil digital accessibility requirements. This applies to websites, but documents and PDF files published digitally must also fulfil digital accessibility requirements.

For more information, see – Använd tillräcklig kontrast mellan text och bakgrund [Use sufficient contrast between text and background].

Tools and advice on how to check the accessibility of documents can be found on the Accessible documents page.

Illustration and graphics

If you produce or order graphics and illustrations, the colour palette should be based on our profile colours. Working with shades and other complementary colours is allowed, but the impression and feel must be based on our common colour palette.

Make reference to this page as part of the documentation when ordering illustrations and graphics from an external supplier.

Lina Strömquist