Informing your staff

This page contains support for heads of department, other managers and HR officers when planning information to their staff about the 2024 employee satisfaction survey this spring.

To facilitate reliable results, a high response rate is key. This is why you are encouraged to plan how to inform your staff before the employee satisfaction survey opens on 26 February 2024. The purpose of the information should be to prepare and encourage staff members to complete the survey. This gives you a chance to catch any questions from your staff and follow up measures that have been taken since the 2021 employee satisfaction survey.

Inform your staff of the following at a workplace meeting or similar:

  • A new employee satisfaction survey will be conducted this spring and will be open between 26 February and 15 March 2024. Please note, however, that the school half-term break takes place within this period.
  • Umeå University conducts an employee satisfaction survey every three years to become aware of how staff experience their work environment.
  • Work environment is important, and this employee satisfaction survey is a chance for staff to influence their work situation, and that you – in your role as manager – would like your employees to prioritise completing the survey.
  • Based on the results, potential risks to the work environment can be highlighted. These risks must be documented in the department's or office's action plan for systematic work environment and active measures together with measures to improve the work environment.
  • The employee satisfaction survey is anonymous.

Support material for managers

There is a PowerPoint template available in English and Swedish that you can base your information on. Each slide contains additional information in the notes section.

Swedish template for information on the 2024 employee satisfaction survey

English template for information on the 2024 employee satisfaction survey

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Systematic work environment management can be described as both an approach and a way of working to shed light on work environment conditions that may affect the health and safety of staff.

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Active measures is when an organisation works systematically to promote equal opportunities and counter discrimination. Employers and education providers are bound by the Discrimination Act to take active measures.

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Historical results
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