Ordering a new website or web pages

If you need new web pages or a new website run by the University, you can order it here. There are a few different options, depending on your needs. The Communications Office will guide you to the solution that best meets your needs and the purpose of the website.

To order

Register a new case in Servicedesk. Select the category "Web". Name the heading "Order new website" and your name and the name of the website.

State in the description:

  • what needs you think the site should meet (see the types further down on the page). This is needed to assess which type of site is most suitable;
  • domain address ideas for the website;
  • the name the website should have;
  • when you want the new website to be up and running;
  • who should be the responsible editor of the site and, where relevant, who else should be authorised to create and publish posts.

Different website types

New information pages on umu.se

Some information may be best suited to, for example, a research project on umu.se. These pages can also have subpages and be created by a web editor.

There are several possibilities here. Contact your content manager or web editor to discuss whether this option is suitable for you.

New website in Episerver

If you have more extensive needs than can be met within umu.se, you can get what is known as a sub-website in Episerver. This is a website with its own domain address in the form umu.se/domain_name. It can have a start page and a larger number of subpages of various kind, but follows umu.se in function and appearance.

The University's department websites are sub-websites in Episerver; see for example Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies.

A website in Episerver costs nothing extra for those who order. It is included in the Communications Office's general website offering. If you have a sub-website, training, support and a guarantee that the website complies with accessibility guidelines are all included.

If you order a website in Episerver, you need to be able to have at least one person who acts as content manager and web editor for the site. If there is no such person, in some cases the Communications Office can be "hired" to take over some of this responsibility.

Website in Wordpress

If you have a need for special functionality or design, you can order a customised site, with a domain address of the type domain_address.umu.se or domain_address.se.

For this type of website, the person ordering pays for design, development and operation. The price for designing and developing a website in Wordpress varies according to your needs, and is set by means of a quote. The operating cost for a website of this type is usually SEK 250 per month.

You will also be responsible for ensuring that the website complies with the Act on the Accessibility of Digital Public Services.

Good to know

All orders for new websites are primarily handled by the Communications Office. ITS is responsible for the technical work.

As the site owner, you are responsible for all content production. If you need help and advice about the content, you are always welcome to contact the Communications Office via Servicedesk.

Information on communication services that can be ordered via the Communications Office.

Applicable rules

Regulation for Umeå University websites describes the requirements that Umeå University's public websites have to meet. A public website is a website that is searchable online.

Go to Regulation for Umeå University websites.

Jonas Mattebo