System login and administrative tools

To be able to log in to most of the university's systems and services, you use your Umu-id. Umu-id was previously called CAS. The account consists of a username and a password.

Your user account, Umu-id, is created automatically when you enter the personnel system. You must then activate your account before it can be used.

I want to activate my Umu ID

There is no limitation in the validity period of the Umu-id itself, but after completion of work/studies the rights for access to the university's IT system are limited.

Secure login with MFA

To increase the security of our accounts and systems, requirements for multi-factor authentication, MFA, have been introduced when logging in to most university-wide systems. In order to log in to systems that require multi-factor authentication, you need to enable multi-factor authentication for your account.

Read more about secure login with multi-factor authentication, MFA

Operational information

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