Shared mailbox

A shared mailbox is linked to a function or unit within the university.

Shared mailboxes are mainly used by university-wide functions, departments and units.

In exceptional cases, separate accounts can be created for specific roles such as director of studies, so that all email correspondence can be transferred when the role is replaced by another person.

Order a shared mailbox

To order a shared mailbox, send a case to Servicedesk and select the category Email.

Fill in the following information and send with your case:

Address: (the format must be, e.g., in exceptional cases another format can be approved. Must be specified.)
Display name: (what is displayed as the sender, e.g. the Infocentre. If nothing is specified, the address is displayed.)
Organization number: (for the institution or unit to which the list should belong. Must be specified.)
Administrator/responsible: (enter the Umu ID of the person who should be able to add and remove members via the AD tool or Outlook. If this is left blank, changes must be handled via Servicedesk.)
Members: (enter Umu ID for the people who should have access, alternatively staff group. At least one member must be entered.)

Elin Sköld