Theft, sabotage and burglary

Have you been a victim of theft or detected sabotage or burglary? Report the crime to the Police and inform your manager and the security function as soon as possible.


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What do you need to do if you have detected theft, sabotage or malicious damage to property?

The person discovering theft or malicious damage to property must immediately report this to the police

Call 114 14 or go to

  • Avoid entering the premises or moving things before the Police has made a technical investigation.
  • If the property belongs to Umeå University, the University is the injured party (målsägande), but the person using the property must be listed as contact.
  • If the property is private, the injured party is the owner of the property.

Document what has happened

It is beneficial if you write down what has happened as soon as possible. Take note of the time and place, and other information or observations that could be relevant. 

If a computer, mobile phone, access card or similar is stolen

  • Mobile phone – block the phone.
  • Credit or debit card – block the card.
  • Access card – block the card and report it stolen to the House Services in your building or equivalent.
  • Keys – a key must never be labelled so it can be linked to the premises it accesses. If you lose or are robbed of a key and it is easy to find out where it leads, make sure the lock is changed.
  • Computer – carefully follow routines of backing up your computer and use passwords that correspond to the system’s password policy.

Inform your line manager as soon as possible

  • Inform your line manager of what has happened and any measures that have been taken.
  • Your manager is responsible for ensuring that measures are taken.
  • Your manager, or the person appointed by the manager, informs the security function about what has happened.

If the occurrence is serious and the Crisis Management Team urgently needs to be informed, please call +46 90 786 97 00, even during evenings and weekends.

What happens next?

When a police report has been filed, the Swedish Police Authority will submit a copy of the report to the registry at Umeå University. The security function will receive the copy for information and will forward the copy to the relevant person.

This happens after the police report

It is the Police Authority’s responsibility to handle and investigate theft and sabotage. Once a criminal report has been filed, the Police or a prosecutor must assess what chances there are to investigate the crime. They will decide if a preliminary investigation will be commenced – also referred to as a criminal investigation. This is only done if there is a chance that the crime can be solved. If there is insufficient evidence, a preliminary investigation could be closed.

More information about the Police Authority’s procedures can be found here: (In Swedish only).



Contact information

Charles Cederqvist
Safety officer
+46 90 786 65 16

Jacob Eriksson
Security coordinator
+46 90-786 71 21

Mats Johansson
Security coordinator
+46 90-786 62 89

Anja Axelsson