The telephony is being moved from Skype to Teams

Landline telephony is included for all employees at Umeå University. We call with Teams - a tool in Microsoft 365.

In 2023, we switched calling tools from Skype to Teams. Teams offers the same telephony functionality as Skype, but some things work differently in Teams than in Skype.

More about Teams

Video: How to call in Teams

How to order telephony in Teams (telephony connection)

The role "katalogansvarig" at your unit/institution can order new, change existing and delete existing connections through the "Telefoniaknytning" service.

Fixed telephony for affiliates

To have fixed telephony via Teams, a special license is required, which is included for employees but not for affiliates. The unit/institution needs to order the right license for the affiliates before the manager can order telephony via Telefoniaknytning.

Elin Sköld