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The research group page type is used on to describe what a research group, research domain or profile subject involves. All employees who are members of the research group can edit the text on the page.

A link to the research group page can be displayed on a department page, a personal page or equivalent based upon how the page has been "tagged" using for instance organisation ID and employee names. The page is also shown in relevant lists on

How to edit the text on the page:

Enter the edit mode by going to your research group page and logging in. The login can be found in the header of the page marked Login > Edit. Log in using your Umu-id. Then click the button "Edit page" in the middle of the page.

How to start a new research group page:

The information owner (informationsägare) of the intended page, usually the head of research or group leader, fills in the relevant information in the template document found below. Once the document is complete, submit it to the content manager (innehållsansvarig) at the department or equivalent.

Template for web presentation of research group (Swedish version)
Template for web presentation of research group (English version)

The web editor will publish the project group page. When the page has been published, all members can edit the text themselves.

Information needed about the group

  • Headline
  • Description
  • Name of the group leader/contact person/head of research (the title for this role can be modified accordingly)
  • Name of all group members (both employees at Umeå University and external parties)

Not least for accessibility reasons, Swedish text may not be published on the English pages of, or English text on Swedish pages. Exceptions are made for headlines and names.

Do not make the description too long and be sure to use subheadings to help the reader.

Selectable additions on the research group page

Web editors can add additional content to the research group page, for example a header image, other images or a film can be added to the description.

The web editor can also add links to related reading. This could be links to articles, portraits, news items or links to other projects or external organisations that the group collaborates with.

When not to use a research group page

If a research group only consists of one person, our recommendation is for the person to use his or her own personal page/profile page instead.
Please note that research projects and research infrastructures use other page types since research content can then be displayed in a structured manner on

Examples of using the research group page type:

Gender and pedagogical processes in society
The welfare of children, youth and families
Interactive and Intelligent Systems
Research group of Lars-Anders Carlson
U-CHEC - Umeå Centre of Health Science

Definition of a research group on


  • The research group members conduct research collaborations by being part of a joint project, make joint publications or work with specific research issues that are closely connected.
  • The group has a research leader with a more or less official superior role. Exceptions are made for headlines and names.
  • There is a mixture of researchers, postdocs and doctoral students.
  • The majority of research group members are employed by or affiliated to Umeå University.
Jonas Mattebo