Continued support efforts for students and employees

2 May 2018

The University's efforts are continuing in connection with the suspected murder that took place in a student room at Ålidhem. During Wednesday and Thursday, several meetings have been arranged for study colleagues, residents at the crime address, and university employees.

"It is important that all students, faculty and staff who have had contact with the deceased person receive the support they need," says Per Ragnusson, Deputy University Director at Umeå University. "Therefore, various meetings will be held on Wednesday and Thursday in order to reach everyone with proper information. We have been able to contact those most directly affected, such as fellow students, those who reside at the address where the crime took place, and teachers. But we also welcome others who have had contact with the victim and those in need of support to get in touch."

On Wednesday, the University's crisis unit will hold a meeting with those responsible at the affected department, as well as managers within the administration to discuss which measures are to be planned. Additionally, the Church of Sweden's support group – who have been involved in the crisis work at the Ålidhem address - will attend the meeting to provide their viewpoint of the situation.

In addition to direct outreach activities on Wednesday, a meeting will be arranged for the students and teachers who were closest to the victim. In addition, the housing company Bostaden has set up a meeting for the residents at the Ålidhem address, where member of the police will also attend. Furthermore, Church on campus is holding a meeting with students during Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday, a meeting has been arranged at noon where all students who have questions or need assistance in connection with incident are welcome to attend. This meeting is organized by Studentcentrum and Church on campus.

Students at Umeå University should contact the Student Health Service

Church on Campus (Kyrkan på campus)
Susanne Dahl, student chaplain, Kyrkan på campus
Phone: 090-200 27 52

Employees at Umeå University are referred to Feelgood, occupational health care service

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