Regular booking rules for jointly owned premises now apply

11 May 2021

The Vice-Chancellor has decided to apply regular booking routines for bookings and cancellations for jointly owned and bookable premises from March forward.

From 24 March forwards, regular routines for booking and cancelling bookings apply. These regular routines will apply regardless of the development of COVID-19.

The pandemic has resulted in a significant deficit when it comes to income related to bookable premises. As a consequence, bookings have been charged regardless of if the room was used or not. Bookings made before 11 November (for the period 11 November 2020 until 23 March 2021) were billed according to that model.

For 2021, faculties or equivalent must cover their share of necessary income reduced by the cost of billed bookings, student bookings and external incomes, etc. This share of necessary income will stand in proportion to each faculty's or equivalent's costs of bookable premises for 2019. It is up to each faculty or equivalent to decide if costs are to be passed on to departments, offices and equivalent or not. This procedure has been approved by all deans.

On 31 October at the latest, the Campus Services Office will present a forecast of what costs each faculty or equivalent is expected to cover for 2021. At that point, the Campus Services Office will also present details of what charges are forecasted for 2021 per department, office or equivalent.

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For more information, please contact:

Joakim Hallstig, Head of the Campus Services Office
+46 90-786 78 05

Per Ragnarsson, Deputy University Director
+46 90-786 55 86


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