Umeå University is monitoring the situation in Ukraine

25 February 2022

Umeå University is following the developments in Ukraine on an ongoing basis, and doing the utmost to support Ukranian students and staff who are currently in Umeå. Umeå University has also decided to hoist the Ukrainian flag to show support.

Russia's military action in Ukraine is news that is shaking the world.

Management and several other functions within Umeå University are following the developments in Ukraine on an ongoing basis to understand how the war and the world situation impacts our teaching, research, and daily operations.

Umeå University has also decided to hoist the Ukrainian flag on campus to show its support.

Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor.


"This is a distressing development of the ongoing conflict that we see, says Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University. "We have identified everyone who is affected and are doing our utmost to ensure that employees and students who may be at risk can be offered support and safety."

Student and staff exchanges with universities in Europe and the world are an important part of Umeå University's international work.

The International Office has informed that there are no students or staff currently on exchange in Ukraine. But there are several students and researchers from Ukraine who have come here as part of various projects conducted at the departmental level. The International Office and other units at the university are working to support these individuals.

The head of department or manager needs to have contact with any employees currently in Ukraine

Each head of department or unit manager is responsible for contacting employees who are in Ukraine. If a need arises, the head or manager should activate his or her local crisis group to coordinate support needs and resources based on the situation.

If the head of department or unit manager deems that the incident is so substantial or needs support, the central crisis management group can be contacted at 090-786 97 00.

Counselling can be booked if needed

Employees who need counselling or emotional support due to the situation in Ukraine are welcome to contact Feelgood, Umeå University's occupational health care service. Feelgood offers counselling in both Swedish and English.

Students who have relatives in Ukraine or are otherwise affected by the development can contact the Student Health Service for crisis support. Student Health Service is giving special priority to the needs of these students so that they can quickly get the support they need.

Umeå University is also a member of Scholars at Risk, an international network that exists to provide support to scholars and academics who work in vulnerable areas, and to promote academic freedom.

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