Newly appointed docents at the faculty were acknowledged

23 February 2024

During 2023, four new docents were appointed at the Faculty of Science and Technology: Lili Jiang and Loïs Vanhée at the Department of Computing Science, and Peter Lind and Christer Larsson at the Department of Molecular Biology.

They were recently invited to a joint lunch at Universum together with the faculty's deans to celebrate their appointments as docents.

The new docents of 2023 are:

Lili Jiang, Department of Computing Science
Subject: Computer Science

Lili Jiang works in the areas of data mining, information retrieval, data federation, machine learning-based privacy preservation, AI thrustworthiness, and natural language processing.

Loïs Vanhée, Department of Computing Science
Subject: Computer Science

Loïs Vanhée researches artificial intelligence and how it can be designed to contribute in a way that is in the public interest. For example, by designing AI systems that can avoid causing anxiety among human users, and developing guidelines, methods, and tools for how this discipline should best be taught in the future.

Peter Lind, Department of Molecular Biology
Subject: Molecular Biology with a focus on Microbiology

Peter Lind's research is about evolution and to what extent processes within it can be predicted. In addition to being a fundamental question within biology, possible applications within medicine and for issues related to climate change can also be seen.

Christer Larsson, Department of Molecular Biology
Subject: Molecular Biology with a focus on Molecular Microbiology

Christer Larsson has worked on research that has applications in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases such as TB.

Becoming a docent

To become a docent, requirements are set on the person's production of scientific articles within the subject area and experience in academic teaching. The assessment includes a trial lecture (docentföreläsning in Swedish). The person appointed by the faculty's dean as an associate professor is granted, among other things, the right to be the main supervisor, examiner at the doctoral level, and opponent at doctoral defenses.

Read more about the application for docent-ship

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