Plagiarism training for students now in English

13 February 2024

To increase students' knowledge about plagiarism and academic integrity, an interactive online training course was launched in November 2023. The course is now also available in English.

"The training was developed to make students aware of what plagiarism is, and thus reduce the number of students reported for plagiarism".

"We have sent out a voluntary survey to those who have completed the course and received over 400 responses, which is positive and it's likely that even more students have completed the course so far", says Elena Lindholm, Associate Professor at the Department of Language Studies.

Both language versions of the plagiarism course are now available as an open online course at the University Library:

Open online courses from the Library

Teachers who want to use the plagiarism training as a learning object that is assessed in Canvas need to add themselves to the plagiarism training's Canvas page and download the training from there.

The plagiarism training has been developed by the Department of Language Studies, the University Library and Humlab.

Plagiarism training for students

Elena Lindholm, Department of Language Studies

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