Välkommen till den första workshopen AI @ Umu

1 oktober 2018

Välkommen till den första workshopen om AI @ UmU. Verkstaden är organiserad som en del av AI Sveriges initiativ.

Wednesday, October 17, 8.30-19.00, at MIT-Place in the MIT Building

The workshop is for you who:

  • Want to join in forming tomorrow's AI at Umeå university,
  • Want to know more about ongoing national and international AI initiatives that Umeå University is part of,
  • Want to meet and learn what is ongoing in the field of artificial intelligence at Umeå University,
  • Want to participate in initiating a cross-faculty discussion on how research and education on AI foundations, their applications and integration into society can be further expanded at Umeå University through cross-disciplinary collaborations.

The day will contain presentations, inspiration talks and round table discussions. We invite researchers and teachers employed at Umeå University to give a brief presentation of the following:

  • What AI or AI-related research are you/your group/your department pursuing, and/or what AI-related courses do you/your group/your department give?
  • What are the main research problems?
  • What is lacking at Umeå University to advance the field?
  • What specific educational effort(s) relating to AI do you find most urgent?

The questions are intentionally broad in order to collect a broad range of aspects as a first inventory. In order to provide space for as many presenters as possible the time for presentation is limited to a maximum 4 minutes for the presentation and a maximum 4 slides. The first slide should be a title slide including your name and affiliation. The presentations should be in English.

Sign up no later than October 9. Use this link to sign up.

When signing up, specify whether you would like to give a presentation. You will receive a notification after October 9 whether you will be able to present, since the number of slots are limited.

Presentations should be sent to Kai-Florian Richter by October 13 at the latest.

Read here for more information

For questions contact: Kai-Florian Richter.


The AI Sweden – UmU work group: Helena Lindgren, Ola Ringdahl, Martin Rosvall, Patrik Rydén, Zonghua Gu

The AI@UmU workshop group: Kai-Florian Richter, Virginia Dignum, Juan Carlos Nieves, Mikael Hansson and Helena Lindgren

Redaktör: Per Melander

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