ICT-Coach support at Humfak

20 mars 2020

ICT-Coach Satish Patel informs that these are extraordinary times that have and will require extraordinary measures.

His planned vacation leave in the mountains is cancelled due to the sudden demand and need for ICT Coach support at Humfak given that all campus teaching had been relocated to an online environment.

In this message, he outline online workshops for Zoom, and for Video lectures using UmU-Play that Humlab will be arranging next week.

Zoom workshops online

These are for online real time meetings with students, colleagues or other researchers. You can have your APT or staff meeting on Zoom, or you can meet your students for essay tutorials or for real time lectures. The workshops is about 75 minutes long, after which you will be upp and running.
Example zoom meeting here (please note! The speaker videos are blurred for GDPR reasons: Demo Zoom

UmU-Play for creating video lectures

In these workshops, I will walk you through UmU play. It is Umeå Uni's tool for creating video lectures that record your computer screen. UmU play also functions as our very own youtube. So, in other words ... a tool for creating and for distributing your video lecture to your students. Once you have made a video lecture, you can use it on future courses too – that is a BIG gain!
Example UmU-Play video here: SP talking about speech accommodation

Guidelines for Video lectures

This is a pdf I created today that gives you some seriously hot tips for creating useful video lectures that will last you a long time. Have a read, and contact me if you need more help. Download the PDF here: Video Lecture Guidelines

Digital Examination using Cambro or Moodle, and other possibilities

In this session, you get a helping hand to create Quizzes in your learning platform. Also using the forum for examination, and maybe some other tills too (depending on the nature of your course) e.g. VoiceThread or Padlet

Online workshops Schedule March 23 - 27 (OBS No need to register for the workshops except for those in co-operation with UPL)

Tues 24 March, 14.00 Introduction till ZOOM

Wed 25 March, 10.00 Introduktion (English only) via UPL Enrol link here

Wed 25 March, 13.00 Video Lectures using UmU-Play 

Thu 26 March, 10.00 Introduktion (English only) via UPL Enrol link here

Thu 26 March, 13.00 Video Lectures using UmU-Play 

Fri 27 March 11.00 Digital examination (Moodle users) 

Fri 27 March 13.00 Digital examination (Camro users) 

Just one caveat ... If schools and daycare are closed down or if I need to take some VAB days, then one or more of the above may need to be cancelled. Also, I have hardly any time left over for individual consultations, but will make these the priority.

Contacts: Satish Patel

Redaktör: Per Melander

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