Digital lectures, meetings and seminars

Holding a lecture, meeting or a seminar digitally can be both useful and instructive.

If you would like to have a digital meeting with educational purposes, the service Zoom is recommended.


Zoom is a service for digital meetings and a tool for web-based distance learning. Zoom is accessible for everyone with a Umu-id and is a good, digital alternative to classroom teaching. You can join a Zoom meeting from a web browser, a video conferencing system or via the Zoom app on your computer or smartphone.

Zoom can be used for teaching and meetings with up to 300 participants, for seminars and supervision. Zoom works well for meetings and teaching with many participants since the service offers group rooms, so-called breakout rooms, a chat function and poll features. It is easy to set up a meeting room with a link to send to the participants. Students can also set up their own meetings if they, for instance, want a virtual meeting in a smaller group.

Zoom allows you to:

  • set up virtual group rooms that students can use for group collaborations
  • complete project meetings
  • hold lectures
  • share a screen with others for presentations and showing video clips
  • chat and create miniature polls.



Additional services in Zoom

If you would like to have a Zoom meeting with more than 300 participants you can order the additional services Large meeting or Webinar.

The access is individual and activated during a two week period from the order date. There is a limited amount of services available so first come first served.

Order via Servicedesk, choose Request type: Request and Category/Service: Umu E-lärande/Zoom. You have to be an employee at Umeå university to order this service.

Large Meeting

A Large meeting is like a regular meeting with up to 500 participants. Large meetings are perfect for larger seminars where you want all the participants to be able to interact. 

Read more about Large meetings


A Webinar is also an option for bigger events with up to 500 participants. The participants in a Webinar are divided into two groups, panelists and attendees. Panelists have full access to speak, share screen etc while attendees are spectators only unless the host gives them permission to speak. 

Webinars are a good solution if you have a large lecture or a panel with many spectators. You must schedule a Webinar in advance via the university's webportal for Zoom. You can also register your participants in advance. 

Read more about Webinars

What system should I choose?

Zoom is recommended for teaching, lectures or meetings with students, but it also supports meetings with colleagues and other participants outside of Umeå University.

Get started with Zoom

If you are planning another form of meeting, such as a work meeting or a research network, there are other solutions.

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To participate in the workshop you need to download Zoom onto your computer. Read more about downloading Zoom.

Training and Support

Do you need support? UPL offers daily support via Servicedesk for Canvas, Zoom, Umu Play, Ouriginal (Urkund) and Mentimeter.

We also offer drop in Tuesdays to Fridays in Zoom, a user forum in Teams and workshops for our e-learning systems.

Read more about training and support

Hanna Karlsson