Learning platforms

At Umeå university we currently use Cambro and Moodle as our learning platforms. During 2020 Canvas is introduced as the new learning platform. Read more about the learning platforms and course administration on this page.

On the different learning platforms there are course sites that can be used to, for example, give information about the course, give instructions, create assignments and forums for communication between the students and the teacher during the course. Contact your institution if you are not sure about which learning platform you should use.

As an employee you can login to the learning platforms with your Umu-id.


Cambro is the biggest learning and collaboration platform at Umeå university. There are many tools for teachning and learning in a course site. As a teacher you build the course, structure the material, build the content, create assignments and other things that the students need to go through with the course.

You can also create project sites in Cambro for collaboration between colleagues or students. The project sites are not linked to Ladok.

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Moodle is another learning platform at Umeå university. As a teacher you build the course site using blocks that can be structured into weeks, units, themes etc. There are many different tools for teaching and learning that can be divided into activities and resources.

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Course administration

Course administration is a tool that is used before each course to create a course site in one of the learning platforms. Throgh Course administration you seek out students using course code, application code or name. Choose the platform in which you want to create your course and name other staff that shoud have access to the site.

Read more about creating a course in one of the learning platforms.(Information in Swedish)


A new learning platform, Canvas, is implemented at Umeå university. When the project is finished Canvas will be the only learning platform at Umeå university and replace Cambro and Moodle.

Read more about Canvas and the project


Do you need support? UPL offers daily support via Servicedesk for all learnings platforms, Zoom, Umu Play, Urkund and Mentimeter.

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Hanna Karlsson