Online teaching

This page contains information necessary to choose system and set up online teaching. We would specifically like to inform about the tools and systems that Umeå University supply to facilitate online teaching.

One option for online teaching is to record lectures and make them accessible using Umu Play and hold discussions and group teaching through your learning platform. As a teacher, please also consider using the functionalities available through the learning platforms, such as the quiz function, for instance. Please also consider using methods through which students are active in creating their own material, either individually or in a group.

Below, you can find a few models for teaching and suggestions for digital tools and methods for online teaching.

Teaching in real time

Teaching in real time can for example be lectures or seminars.

  • Video meeting via your own computer using Zoom
    Get started with Zoom.
  • Give students the opportunity to ask questions and collaborate online using learning platforms or Office 365, either to prepare for or during/after a meeting.
  • Let students discuss topics in smaller groups using Zoom in what is called Breakout rooms. Get started with Zoom.
  • Encourage interactivity during an ongoing Zoom meeting with the help of Mentimeter polls.
    More information about Mentimeter

Asynchronous teaching online 

Recorded lectures or course content

Relocating all teaching and learning to a learning platform

  • Post a message in the learning platform.
  • Instructions for a group assignment can be uploaded to a task. Add tasks to solve, preferably with peer review.
  • Students can discuss topics in groups (divide the class into groups)
  • Students produce material (text, audio and film) and upload it onto the platform.

Hybrid teaching

Hybrid teaching means teaching in real time where students participate both remotely and on campus.

  • We recommend that you book a room equipped with the right technology, for example a Zoom room.
  • Appoint a moderator that helps you to note any questions asked by the remote students. Another option is to pause for questions with regular intervals.
  • Sound is very important. For meaningful hybrid teaching everything that is being said on campus must be heard remotely.
  • There are many ways to increase participation in hybrid teaching. If possible, mix groups with both campus and remote students to increase a sense of community. Read more about this under the headline Digital activities. 

Digital activities



Learn more about how to use Umeå university's systems for digital activities.

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