PUNKTUM -Pedagogical development projects

Umeå University invites applications for project funding for the pedagogical development of undergraduate and graduate education. The aim of the call is to stimulate innovation and pedagogical development.

Please note that the call for applications is postponed until furhter notice. Read more under the headline Important dates.

This year, 2020, we welcome pedagogical development projects primarily within the following themes:

  • Education for sustainable development
  • Digitalisation and e-learning
  • Assessment, examination and evaluation
  • The importance of the physical learning environment
  • Wide participation and increased student retention

Read more about the themes.

The application process consists of two steps. In step 1, everyone who has submitted a project idea (max. 500 words) will be invited to present their proposal to a panel consisting of recognised and distinguished teachers at Umeå University. The proposals that the panel deem most interesting will receive an invitation to write a more detailed project application.

In step 2, the fully developed applications will be assessed and ranked according to established criteria. In this year's Punktum call, we will give priority to larger, more ambitious projects, which means that the projects granted funds will receive a larger budget than in previous years.

The total amount available is SEK 2.5 million. We aim to grant funding to 4-6 projects.

Important dates*

Because of the current situation the 2020 Punktum call for applications will be postponed until further notice. More information about dates for applications and idea presentations will follow.

*subject to change



Punktum funds come from the University's funding for undergraduate education. Therefore, only projects targeted at undergraduate and graduate level at Umeå University can be granted project funding (i.e. not projects at postgraduate level or commissioned education). The funds are managed by, and distributed through, the Centre for Educational Development, (UPL) at Umeå University. The project funds are to be used for development projects whose purpose is to promote the development of higher education pedagogy, learning strategies, learning environments or other aspects of education at Umeå University.

Hanna Karlsson