Support for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities can receive support with their studies so that they can study on the same terms as others, as far as possible. Educational support is a way of helping students to help themselves and exists to remove obstacles in the study situation.

As a State authority, Umeå University is tasked with working to meet political targets with regard to accessible premises, activities and information. At the university, we are all responsible for working to make the study environment accessible to all. The policy document for individual support for students with disabilities indicates case procedure and allocation of responsibilities at Umeå University.

Efforts to support students with disabilities are based on early and planned initiatives, cooperation and knowledge exchange between coordinators and departments at the university.

If you work closely with students with disabilities, there are also simple ways in which you can make life easier for those students. If you are not sure about what you can do or how you should treat students who need or who you think need support, you are welcome to contact the coordinators for students with disabilities.

More information is available on the page showing examples of disabilities.


There are two coordinators for educational support for students with disabilities, Karina Arvidsson and Carina Sandberg, at Student Services. They can act as discussion partners for teaching staff, study advisors and others at the university and act as intermediaries between students and departments.

They would be happy to come out and give you information on their work when the opportunity arises. Information on the university's support for students with disabilities can be found on the website for students:

Contact details

Coordinators for students with disabilities

Students shall turn to Infocenter for contact with the coodrinators.

Visiting address (for staff):
Student Services/
Student Support and Guidance, Administration Building, level 3

Karina Arvidsson
Phone: 090-786 71 18

Maria Fahlén
Phone: 090-786 56 70

Carina Sandberg
Phone: 090-786 70 62

Annica Höglund