Theories of learning

The task of teaching involves constantly having to consider the concepts of knowledge, learning and teaching. These are concepts that have many meanings and are influenced by ideological and political trends.

In this course you will learn more about different learning theories. Everyone has in some way influenced or continues to influence the views on learning that prevail today. During the course you will also get an opportunity to develop you own view of learning and the ways in which that view can influence your teaching.

Quotes from previous participants

"From now on, I will look for existing theories to develop my teaching; models to work with and apply."


The purpose of the course is to learn more about learning theories and to develop the ability to apply this knowledge to your own teaching.

Learning objectives

  • During the course you will have the opportunity to develop:
  • Knowledge of learning theories
  • Knowledge of how learning theories can influence the content of teaching in different ways
  • The ability to reflect on the theoretical foundation of your teaching
  • Insight into the importance of learning theory for the form and content of teaching, on the levels of both the individual and the society

Course content

  • Lectures and exercises concerning learning theories
  • Text seminars
  • Private study and reflection on literature in the field
  • Discussions aimed at problematising the concepts of teaching, learning, and knowledge

Teaching strategy

The course is based on the idea to use each participant's prior knowledge as the base and build from there. We use blended teaching to accommodate as many learning styles as possible. Since the aim is to work with theory and application, we try as much as possible to link course content to the participants own teaching.

Course dates

At the moment we do not have any dates for this course

Contact: Marie Friman

Course information

Level: In-depth

Length: 2 weeks

Participants: 8-24

Please note: There will be an administrative fee of SEK 5000 if you cancel your participation three weeks or later before the course starts. Notification of admission is sent to applicants about 2 weeks after the application deadline. Read more about our admission and selection here.

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