Thematic workshop in Canvas

UPL offers thematic workshops where we go deep into the Canvas tool

A thematic workshop in Canvas is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of specific tools in Canvas, such as SpeedGrader.

Autumn 2023

How to design a Canvas site

Both accessibility requirements and students' wishes place higher demands on how we actually design a course page in Canvas.
During the workshop, we will go through examples of what characterizes an accessible and well-structured Canvas site.

Date: November 17, at 13-15
Language: Swedish

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Matrices in Canvas - how you can, and should do

When students are to be examined, teachers in most cases need to assess the students' performances, regardless of whether these performances are written, practical or oral. In order to conduct high-quality, professional assessments and thereby minimize the influence of arbitrariness and subjectivity in students' final course grades, rubrics are a powerful tool. This thematic workshop begins with an overview of what characterizes a high-quality assessment guide and how it can be constructed in Canvas. After the briefing, the participants have the opportunity to design their own assessment instructions in Canvas with the support of each other and the workshop host, Jonathan Wedman.


October 3, at 13-15
December 1, at 10-12

Language: Swedish

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Result to Ladok from Canvas

Results to Ladok is an integration between the learning platform Canvas and the study administration system Ladok. With Results to Ladok, can you as a teacher on a course in Canvas transfer the students' results directly to Ladok. During this workshop, we go through how the function works and show how to prepare your tasks in a good way.

Date: November 10, 13-14
Language: Swedish

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Dealing with tense teaching situations

The centre for Educational Development (UPL) and Student Health welcome you to a workshop where we will discuss how you can create a safe and trusting learning environment for all your students.

We will think about where the boundaries are for your pedagogical role and responsibility as a teacher, and what support functions are available for both teachers and students. During the workshop, theory and exercises alternate. The arrangement is intended to promote both theoretical knowledge and practical readiness for action.

The workshop take place at UPL

Date: November 18th at 9-12
Language: Swedish
Place: Läraren, UPL

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