Sick leave

When you fall ill, you must notify your place of work straight away and register your sick leave in PASS.

If you fall seriously ill or are admitted to hospital and do not have the opportunity to call in sick, you can do this later.

If your payroll administrator has registered your sick leave, you have to submit an "Declaration in connection with illness" to your payroll administrator.

If your sick leave extends to 7 days or more, you must send a doctor's certificate to your payroll administrator. The original of this certificate must be sent.

If your sick leave extends beyond 14 days, your payroll administrator will notify the Social Insurance Agency. He or she will then submit your doctor's certificate. As of your fifteenth day of illness, your entitlement to sickness benefit will be examined by the Social Insurance Agency, provided that you have submitted a report to the Social Insurance Agency. Find out more about what to do at the Social Insurance Agency website.

If you fall ill and need rehabilitation, it is important for these measures to commence as quickly as possible. If you have been on sick leave for more than four weeks or on more than five occasions over the last 12 months, your manager is obliged to examine what rehabilitation initiatives you require. In the first instance, your head of department or equivalent must get in touch with you and discuss possible measures. Your participation is important and entirely crucial for good rehabilitation. You can find out more about rehabilitation work at the university under Work environment and health.

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