Secondary employment

Secondary employment are more or less all the jobs which employees of the university perform alongside their employment and which cannot be deemed to be part of their private lives. This section provides information on what constitutes a secondary employment and what does not, and how you should proceed when reporting on your secondary employment.

Secondary employment are a vital element of employees' interaction with society, but it is also important for them not to affect employees' professional roles. Therefore, secondary employment must be kept clearly separate from their regular work at Umeå University. Teaching staff and employees covered by the Management Agreement must submit a report on their secondary employment at least once a year.

Who has to submit a report on their secondary employment?

Anyone holding a teaching position and employees who are covered by the Management Agreement must submit reports on their secondary employment.

Staff holding teaching positions are:

  • professors, adjunct professors and visiting professors
  • associate professors, adjunct associate professors and visiting associate professors
  • assistant professors
  • lecturers and adjunct lecturers
  • research fellows
  • employed postdoctoral fellows.

Postdoctoral fellows (scholarship holders) who are financing their postdoctoral qualification with the support of scholarships do not need to submit reports.

Employees covered by the Management Agreement are:

  • pro-vice-chancellor
  • deputy vice-chancellor
  • deans
  • director of Umeå School of Education
  • library director
  • university director
  • head of university administration
  • human resources director
  • audit director

What is a secondary employment ?

Secondary employment is more or less all jobs which employees perform alongside their employment and which cannot be deemed to be part of their private lives. This may involve doing extra hours as part of employment, carrying out assignments or running a company of their own. Regardless of whether the secondary employment results in financial compensation, it will still be regarded as a secondary employment .

Where can forms and templates be found?

Forms for reporting secondary employment can be found to the right under the heading related information. The agreement template for use of the university's infrastructure for secondary employment is available from the University's legal officers.

Support and help with commercialising ideas is available

Umeå University has a positive attitude towards secondary employment which are handled correctly and so is happy to offer help and support with developing them. The University's innovation support system is available to you if you would like to commercialise your idea, and Uminova Innovation offers you the opportunity to get in touch with a business coach. For more information on the support available, please contact Innovationskontor Norr, Uminova Expression and Uminova Innovation.

Want to know more?

More information on the University's rules on secondary employment can be found in "Rules on reporting secondary employment for teachers and employees covered by the Managerial Agreement" and a memo relating to the rules and practice for spare time jobs which provides more detailed explanations. "Spare time jobs for employees at Umeå University – information in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 14 of the Higher Education Ordinance".

You can find both under "Related information".

Chatarina Wiklund